Soundcloud Bulk Downloader

Bulk downloads music / podcasts from Soundcloud:

  • You enter a bunch of URLs into a prompt. Then the macro downloads one after the other.
  • Works without being logged in to Soundcloud, or even having an account there at all.
  • Downloaded files will be MP3 format, including id3 tags and cover. So they are actually better than if you used Soundcloud's "download" button.
  • I think it also works with files that don't have a download button on Soundcloud…


You need to install Miserlou's "SoundScrape" command line tool:

For me it worked using this command in Terminal:

pip3 install soundscrape

The macro itself is pretty straightforward:

Soundcloud Downloader.kmmacros (14.8 KB)


Is there supposed to be a simlink in /usr/local/bin/ or elsewhere for soundscrape? I keep getting an error saying soundscape is not installed, even though it is and it functions correctly from my terminal. It just won’t work from Keyboard Maestro or Applescript.

Good point. I think you might need to have the path to your Python installation set in KM’s ENV_PATH variable.

In Keyboard Maestro:

  1. Keyboard Maestro > Preferences > Variables
  2. Search for “ENV_PATH”

Mine looks like this (I don’t know if it’s correct - only that it works):


Tried a simlink, didn’t work. Am now trying the enviroment variable path. Will let you know.


ENV_VAR dIdn’t fully work but at least it did change the error code. Looks like an easier fix. I’ll post what I come up with later.

You can visit Soundcloud Downloader after opening website paste the link in URL input box and hit "Download" button.
Thanks me later.

It just won't work. I keep getting an error.

I am try to install it but I am getting installation error. I don't know what to do? Please suggest me.

Yes I have used this tool and it's working for me everytime, And i have downloaded so many trckas from SoundCloud. In the other hand to download instagram audio i use the Instagram Audio Downloader tool which is also working lik this tool.