Southwest Automatic Login - AppleScript Issue

I am making an automated macro to Check In for my southwest flights at a specific time. That way I can check in faster than other people and get a better boarding position.

The macro is only successful if I manually "Allow Javascript From Apple Events". I have javascript only because I need it to execute at a specific time. Regardless of this or Time of Day trigger, I receive this error preventing the macro from working.

This macro loads properly and when it is finished, it waits for macro SW - FLIGHT TIME to be 'true'. The FLIGHT TIME is edited manually by me for the flight time, for example 5pm.

So the above macro runs prior to 5PM. Then when 5PM hits, the macro will execute and simply press Return to confirm checkin.

My only problem is I can't get the macro to run without activating the error for AppleScript.

  1. Is there a way to avoid this apple javascript issue? I assume no and I tried to make a simple macro to manually allow it, but every time the above macro runs it still gives me the javascript error.

  2. Is there another way around this? I just want to checkin automatically without being present at the computer.

Thank you in advance.

southwest macros.kmmacros (20.2 KB)

Browser actions, including "Wait for Browser to Finish Loading", require "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" to be enabled (see this page of the Wiki).

I know that's disabled by default, and it sounds a bit scary, but if a bad actor is in a position to send Apple Events on your machine -- you're already hosed! Do you have any other for not just leaving the option enabled?

Or you could move the (currently disabled) "ENABLE APPLE SCRIPT" group to the top of the macro, and then add similar to disable JS again at the end of it.

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Thanks for those details. I wasn't aware that browser action caused this, but now it's working for me. I just added a longer wait time to replace the wait for browser to finish loading.

Thanks for your help.

You can do better than that if you want to.

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