Space Between FileName causes shell script to stop working


I'm able to run a shell script on files and folders which doesn't have any space between them using KM . Example users/shared/Disc1

It fails if the path has any space between it, example:

users/shared/Disc 1

With my limited experience I converted the path using search and replace , to terminal lingo of users/shared/Disc\ 1 and yet my macro fails

I'm using Catalina 10.15.7
keyboard Maestro 9.2

Joining Mp3 into 1.kmmacros (5.7 KB)


Hey @gabloodude,

You're not constructing your command properly.

You're trying to process each file – when what you need to do is construct your command and then process the given files.

I couldn't get mp3wrap to accept a variable for the file list for some reason, so I had to construct the entire command and use eval to run it.


Joining Multiple MP3 Files Into One with mp3wrap v1.00.kmmacros (8.5 KB)


Keyboard Maestro Export

THANK YOU @CCSTONE FOR TAKING THE time to do this for me.

Appreciated. I"m going to study the eval command ,

I digress, but is the comment field (and how most pros post here), is done using text expander?

Author : Christopher Stone

When I try to run the macro I'm currently getting an error of Status 255

I have a Macro Group called “Template Group” with various macros that have a single action template.

I use an AppleScript to insert those “favorite actions”.

I also use @DanThomas' wonderful template manager KMFAM.

And to answer you specific question – I have a very specific AppleScript to insert my custom header.

Here's a version I've turned into a Keyboard Maestro macro:

Keyboard Maestro Editor ⇢ Paste Dated Attribution Action v6.01 Macro - #11 by ccstone


Well, that's frustrating – but unfortunately exit status 255 doesn't begin to give me a clue of where it's going wrong.

Catalina's system preferences are fluky.

Have you made certain that Keyboard Maestro has full disk access and the other security exceptions that are needed?