"Spacebar" as a Modifier Key


Newbie question: I have software that uses the Spacebar as a modifier key (Examples: spacebar-F4, Alt-spacebar-g, ctrl-spacebar-t).

I've tried Hotkey & Record actions, but it doesn't seem to want to do it.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I don’t know of a way to simulate Space Bar-[some other key] in Keyboard Maestro, so to create macros which include those commands I can think of two alternative approaches.

  1. Instead of using Keyboard Maestro to simulate a keyboard command, you could use Keyboard Maestro with its Select Or Show A Menu Item action when you’re building a macro. This assumes the shortcuts are shown somewhere in the application’s menus.

  2. You could change the default shortcuts in those applications so they don’t include Space Bar. Again, assuming the commands which include those shortcuts are listed in the application’s menus, you can change them using System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

Once those new shortcuts are created, you could then build Keyboard Maestro macros which include the new shortcuts. Of course, this would also mean you’d have to use your new shortcuts when activating those commands directly within the software.

Actually I don’t understand what you exactly need, but perhaps you could try this:

SpaceLauncher - App Launcher and Switcher for Mac

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Oh, so led here by seeing a recent post I have ended up replying to an ancient thread, but I suppose I might as well leave this reply up in case anyone finds it of use...

I think you are looking for a solution such as the "SpaceFN" layout.

I don't think Keyboard Maestro would be the best tool for this. You may wish to try installing Karabiner Elements to take control of key events and then use the SpaceFN modification. You can then edit that mod further using a text editor to get everything exactly as you want it.

There is definitely a learning curve there but it's just a matter of reading and trying things out. I found the app a good solution for this sort of situation when I needed it, and if you like to tweak at that sort of low level I don't think you will find a better way unless you have a keyboard that supports QMK (and you would know if it did. :nerd_face: ).

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