Specify a delay for "wait until image appears"?

It's great to see the new "wait until image appears" option for Click at Found Image.

However, I'm finding in some situations that the click happens too fast after the image appears, i.e. sometimes an image appears, but it takes a fraction of a second before the targeted item is clickable in the app that you're using, causing this action to fail.

It would be great to have the option of setting a slight delay, e.g. instead of "wait until image appears," to have the option of doing "wait until 0.25 seconds after image appears."

I realize this can be done more or less using other actions, but it would be great to be able to do it with this one action. And I think the "wait until image appears" would be much more reliably useful if this option existed.

Just some feedback!




Alex's comment is well made and I appreciate Peter's noting of it. but even so, what I find I'm always doing to solve this problem is repeatedly clicking on the "found image" until that image disappears. To me, that's 100% reliable. I'm not sure if adding a little extra time here solves the problem in general. My approach has worked for me for years and I plan to continue with my approach.

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