Specifying the Mouse Click Delay

Is there a way to specify the length of time that the mouse button is clicked for?

One of the apps I automate (Focusrite Control) uses non-standard UI elements, and a standard KM click appears to "bounce" on its buttons and doesn't work.

I've written a separate macro instead for now which introduces a delay, but I wondered whether there was a neater way that I've missed?


PS reposted into the more appropriate category and included screenshots of the macro

Move- click- hold- release mouse button.kmmacros (9.3 KB)

Try Double click, I’ve seen sometimes that helps

Thanks - I would (and sometimes do have to add duplicate clicks or key-presses to my macros in case they're not properly "registered" by the receiving app), but in this case the button is a toggle (mute/un-mute) and I don't want to toggle it twice!

You could try a Click and Hold action, followed by a Pause action, followed by a Release action. "Hold" and "Release" are both options within the Click Mouse action.

Great minds think alike; that's exactly what my macro above does :slight_smile:

I was just wondering whether there is/could be a way to do it in a "built in" way - perhaps using a "Set ... for this macro" option - like the "Set Drag delay for this macro" option, but just for single-clicking...

I guess I need to learn to take a closer look at the screenshots.

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You have to open up the screenshot to see it.

Generally I find it better and more comfortable to download a macro and load it up, so I can see the genuine article (and test if necessary).