Spinning Pinwheel

How do you test for the on-screen presence of the Mac Spinning Pinwheel in KM? e.g. in a PAUSE UNTIL FOUND IMAGE test? This is in a Mac app (not a web page).

It doesn’t seem to work for me perhaps because the “image” is constantly spinning and not easy to test against.

How do you actually screen capture the actual image of the Spinning Pinwheel (or the cursor) on a Mac (to use in the KM action)? Shift-Cmd-4 ignores both of these.

Alternatively, is there a PAUSE UNTIL Mac-App HAS FINISHED LOADING command?

That's your best bet.
What happens when your app has finished loading?

  • New window?
  • Different window title?
  • Other?

What app are you using this for, and for what app action?

What is my best bet? Don’t understand what you mean.

The app is Adobe Indesign CS5. Nothing obvious changes other than a variable-length delay (cursor onscreen) followed by a spin wheel for a variable length of time.

"Best bet" means your best option is to use a "Pause Until" rather than trying to trigger on the spinning wheel.

What action are you doing in Adobe Indesign? Launching the app? Opening a file? Downloading a file? something else?

If nothing else works then I see two choices:

  1. After you initiate the Adobe action, use a KM Action for "Alert" (under the Notifications category).
  • This will popup a KM window, that pauses the macro, and waits for you to click OK
  1. Use a Pause for n seconds Action that is long enough to ensure the Adobe action always completes.
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I tried Pause Until x seconds. With x being a long enough time to do a file export. Didn’t work as macro stopped (after repeated tests) for some reason (problem doing further KM action tests therefore).

If I split macro in 2 parts it does work. (So your ALERT idea may work for me). I have a workaround.

I don’t want to overlook my 3 specific questions in my OP though.

I am a long time InDesign user. And have made Som macros for use in it.
Try to post the macros here so we can them.