Spinning Status Menu Icon


Here is a Mac Command symbol icon that rotates while executing macros. I made this for myself a couple of years ago and it never dawned on me until now to share it with you fine folks. So, here ya go!

Spinning Icons.zip (20.0 KB)

(To install, open the Keyboard Maestro Editor and drag the zip file from Finder and drop it on top of the Editor dock icon. That will install the icon and set it as active.)




Hi Jakz, do you know how can I uninstall this icon pack change? thanks.


The Status Menu Icons are stored in the folder:

/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Status Menu Icons

You can get to /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library (also known as *~/Library) by holding down the Option key and selecting Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

Alternatively, you can get to ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro by selecting Open preferences Folder in Keyboard Maestro’s Help menu.

Just trash the installed status menu icon in the Status Menu Icons. Quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine before doing this and then relaunch Keyboard Maestro.


Peter, thanks for the info.
I later realised it was just an icon pack, reversible at preferences.

I’m still searching for a better solution though. I really like Automator’s implementation where you get the spinning gear when running workflows.

I have encapsulated some KM macros inside Automator apps, using the Applescript tell KM to do script, but it’s a pain to maintain.

Another way would be to open a Automator app that is just a loop in the begining of the macro and have KM to close it when the macro finishes. Again, pain…


Keyboard Maestro’s status menu icons can have as many icon frames as you like, so it could have a spinning gear if someone designed one.


I took the challenge and tried to create a gear-icon pack: http://cl.ly/3s3X213w0D24


And here is one with the standard icon, when no macro is running: http://cl.ly/1F1p3q11361z

And the last one right now. Standard icon when no macro is running, but red gears rotating when macro is running (Updated with retina ressources): http://cl.ly/152H2d3v3a1r


Thank you, that was super awesome. I’m going to use these.