Split Screen Problem

When I run the following script it just moves one window to one side of the screen. What I want to happen is for me to have a keyboard short cut that will split the screen in two. Just wanted to know if this the right script?
Manipulate a Window Action (v9.0.4)

Manipulate a Window.kmactions (879 B)

Do you mean you want the window centered in the screen, with the left and right borders of the window equidistant from the screen edges?
If so, then use this:


I want it to look like this. So I want to create a keyboard shortcut that will do this. The solutions I have found put only one screen to the left.

Do you mean "one window to the left"?
Have you looked at the options in the Manipulate a Window action


No I don't. I want it to put to two windows left and right of the screen.

OK, that is much clearer.

AFAIK, there is no (easy) way to select two windows for KM to operate on.
But you can use the macOS tool:
MacOS Split View -- How to Invoke and Remove (Restore)

Let us know if that works for you.