Spotify Announcer

This macro will set a bunch of variables to various info on the currently playing track, parse it nicely including converting the current track position and length from milliseconds to MmSs format, and then saves the results to the clipboard for easy and convenient pasting into whatever app you want. If you want to automate it a little more, add the "Paste from clipboard" action after the applescript, then just remember to click wherever you want the track info to go before clicking the entry in the global palette.

Hope this is useful to somebody other than me, lol :slight_smile:


Output format:
Now Playing: songName by artistName from the album albumName [cur currentPositionInTrack(XmXs)/currentTrackLength(XmXs) tot] [playCount plays]

Example output:
Now Playing: Cristal & МОЁТ by MORGENSHTERN from the album Cristal & МОЁТ [cur 0m26s/2m17s tot] [379 plays]

New Spotify Announcer.kmmacros (2.8 KB)