Spotify control/delete songs from playlists

Hello! I'm trying to do something which I'm sure is possible but I can't quite get it right and it's driving me up the wall.

What I'd like to be able to do (I'm in MacOS if that makes any difference):

  • Delete the currently playing song from a Spotify playlist
  • Start playing the next song in the playlist
  • Skip to 45 seconds into the song

This looks so simple written down like this but I've spent longer than I care to admit trying to get my head around it. Any ideas?

What is it you're struggling with? Is it the Spotify part or the KM part?

Are you able to perform this task manually (without automation)? If so, simply convert each manual step into a KM action.

Keyboard shortcuts will be more efficient and reliable than image searches and mouse movements, so I would start with that in mind.