Spotify integration in future?

I know it's a long shot but is there any potential for Spotify integration in the future like there is for iTunes?

hey @cdthomer, this may not answer your question, but you can select menu items on Spotify through KM as well as use applescript send basic commands. For example:
The full list of Spotify Applescripts commands can be found if you view this file:

Hey thanks for the reply! I have indeed been using Applescript for a number of Spotify actions. The only action that I can't figure out is if there's a way to play a specific playlist like with iTunes. That's why I was wondering if there will ever be some direct integration into Keyboard Maestro.

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Right click on the playlist -> share -> Copy Spotify URL

in KM open URL then paste the URL will open the playlist on Spotify.

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That's pretty cool! Do you know if it's possible to add a song to a specific playlist via url? Or even just a add to current playlist command? Thank you for the valuable tip!

You can find out the song's URL the same way, right click -> share -> Copy Spotify URL

Little hacking around should get you there.

Here it the API Doc

This AppleScript will get you the URL of current song.

tell application "Spotify" to spotify url of current track

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Hey Chris,

All of Keyboard Maestro's iTunes support is done behind the scenes with AppleScript.

There's no telling what the Spotify folks will do with their app, so it's quite unlikely Peter would want to directly support it when you can do what he would do with AppleScript anyway.


Just drop the app on the Applescript Editor (or Script Debugger if you have it).


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perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for thanks!

I doubt I'll add Spotify actions. In any event, the iTunes actions are basically thin veneers over AppleScript control in any event, so if you can't make it work with AppleScript, then I would not be able to create the action anyway (and if you can, then the impetus to create the action is diminished in any event).

If you happen to use Alfred here is a wicked powerful workflow. Does everything you want plus more.

Thanks Chris, I didn't realize the iTunes integration was also based on AS. Neat!

No worries, I didn't realize that the iTunes integration was also based on AS. This means I should be able to figure out what I need for Spotify also using AS. Thanks!

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