Spotlight search of Apple Maps

I was hoping it would be possible to search spotlight for a location, then open that location in Apple Maps. For example, if I search spotlight for 'Indiana' I can open that location in Apple Maps. But it appears this isn't possible in spotlight. There also does not appear to be an action to do this in Keyboard Maestro.

Any way of searching Apple Maps with a keyboard shortcut from anywhere (without having to navigate to Apple Maps to do the search)?

I use Alfred rather than Spotlight; it has a built-in search query for

If nothing else, a simple KM macro could be written to:

  1. Activate Maps.
  2. Put the focus on the search box using Cmd-F or Edit > Find.

You could then type in the search term – or have Keyboard Maestro paste it in if you have previously entered the term and copied it to the clipboard (the actions to use there would depend upon your chosen trigger for the macro).

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Apple Maps is one of the bundled search sites in my Quick Web Search macro, but you can do it on your own, as Maps has a URL handling scheme:{SEARCH}

You could write a simple macro that asks for a location, then goes to the URL with the above form, though obviously with {SEARCH} replaced with the location you entered.

Assign it a keyboard shortcut, and you're done.


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