"Spotlight" to copy/move files/folders

Is it possible to have a macro that runs a few actions one after another, where I can select a file/folder (or files/folder) in Finder, then choose if I want to copy or move, and finally perform a spotlight search and whatever I pick, it performs that action?

For example:
Step 1: select the file(s)/folder(s) I want to copy/move
Step 2: trigger the macro that will determine if it will copy or move with a simple radio button or dropdown (radio button would be better). When I hit a "submit button" it goes to the next step:
Step 3: Shows a window similar to spotlight where I can type my keywords and it will show the results (for example if I type "statements" it will show me all folders with that word in them). When I select that folder, KM automatically copies/moves those files/folders.

If KM can't do this by itself, maybe using BetterTouchTool or Alfred as helping tools?

I have found this in Alfred's forum, but since I'm not a developer or anything like it, I don't know if this would be a starting point, or if KM allows that kind of thing that as well?

You can do this without any fancy workflows in Alfred.

I just made this for you to try.

Move Selection via Alfred.kmmacros (54 KB)

Macro screenshot

Demo Video

CleanShot 2022-08-20 at 14.46.02

Trigger the macro, navigate to the destination, hit ↵ (or Escape to cancel).

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So I have a few questions:
1 - Is this possible with the free version of Alfred?
2 - When it shows the 2 folders inside that spotlight window, it's because you picked "desk" as your keyword. But will it work globally? Pretty much like spotlight, or do I have to set those keywords in advance?

My goal is that I can just pick any file/folder and then search for any folder on my disk and it will find it, then copy/move those files. Hope it makes sense...

  1. Yep
  2. It's like Spotlight and your results will get quicker/more accurate the more you use it.

Have a go and see if you like it.

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Great! Thanks again for sharing that info and the macro. Will be testing it today and see what I think. Will let you know

Unfortunately, that feature is part of the powerpack...

The macro works, though...
How is that possible? What's the purpose of that feature, if this still works?

@noisneil or are these two different things? The first one with the powerpack is the solution without KM and then the macro is the exact same result, but using KM and Alfred, so the Universal Actions are not relevant here?

Yup exactly. :+1:t3:

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Awesome. Really appreciate the macro. I was trying it and it's a great tool. Makes it so much easier and faster. And I didn't even know about the Option+CMD+V to Move items. I knew it was possible via right-click and then pressing option to show the option, but didn't know there was a keyboard shortcut. Thanks for that as well.

I noticed that Alfred is indeed faster than Spotlight when it comes to showing results. I will need some extra time to fully understand what I can do with it besides using the spotlight.

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Great! Glad you're finding some benefit. There are also ways of using AppleScript or KM actions to do the file move part, but I like using ⌘C and ⌥⌘V, because it's undoable.