Stage manager specific shortcuts

I'm running Ventura beta, and I'm using stage manager.

It does not seem to have any keyboard shortcuts -- I wonder if it's possible to use Keyboard Maestro to control it.

One thing I'd love to be able to do is to start an app without leaving the previously open stage.

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I haven't used either of those but if there are menu items in the app that you want to control, you can utilize the action:Select or Show a Menu Item [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] action.


Same here. I'd love to see some Keyboard Maestro features specifically to navigate through stage manager easily using keyboard shortcuts.

How do we make this heard among the developers of Keyboard Maestro?

How do we gather more Keyboard Maestro users who'd love something like this to get introduced?

A small, yet important, correction... there’s only one developer, Peter. He is on the forum here all the time, and does a great job connecting with everybody on a variety of topics, including feature requests. If he hasn’t seen this topic already, he likely will soon, even if he doesn’t chime in.

As for “gathering more KM users”, you’re in the right place my friend. :wink: Topics such as these naturally “gather” users who share a similar interest. So if it’s something the KM community as a whole would like to see, we are generally fairly good at voicing our interest so Peter is aware of his customer’s wishes (even if he can’t or won’t implement certain features as is his prerogative).


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Peter is much too busy to read all posts on the forum these days, so if you want his attention you need to invoke the magic spell – his handle:



I'm afraid I don't know if there is any API for Stage Manager. Given there is no public API for Spaces/Desktops, I would be surprised if there was an API for Stage Manager.

So likely your only option is to try to simulate the UI used to control Stage Manager.

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Glad to know

(Hey Peter, glad to see you noticed this thread.)
How exactly you mean?
I did not understand probably because I am not from a technical background.

Very true. I am impressed with how much he does chime in, but you’re right that it’s good to tag him for things like this.

I mean, you have to figure out how you would do it manually, and replicate those behaviours with low level actions like Type a Keystroke action.

This may or may not work, given the similarly low level nature of a system like Stage Manager.


Just chiming in with my workaround for this:

  1. Create a macOS Shortcut and add the action "Toggle Stage Manager"
  2. Create a KM macro that runs the newly created Shortcut