Starting With Mission Control and Spaces


I'm curious if there is a good way using keyboard maestro to Manage Mission Control and Spaces?

For a simple starter, I would like to be able create a new space in mission control.

to start mission control - I tried a simple macro:

type keystroke: control up arrow
but nothing happened...
then I image next might be
type keystroke: plus sign?

Thanks for your help in advance - Dave

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Have you read this long thread?

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Thanks Sleepy - I will now.

Hi @dealtek. I'm the one who shared Desktop Spaces • Macros for Navigation and Window Management.

My macros are not designed to manage Desktop Spaces; they are really to use them more efficiently.

During the development of those macros I did learn a lot about Desktop Spaces and I tried to share all of the important information within that post. So even if the macros don't meet you needs, you might find that information helpful.

With that said, if, after reading the information on that post, you have any questions feel free to ask here our within the thread.

Not with my macros. With them, it's assumed the Desktop Spaces are already created.

I don't think there is any scriptable way to create a new Space, at least I haven't found one. AppleScript can't do it, Shortcuts can't do it. There is no way to assign a hot key to creating a new Space in the keyboard shortcuts preferences.

You can do "Activate Specific Activation" and open Mission Control, that brings the view up with all the Spaces where you click the + sign on the right to create a Space, but once that view is open Keyboard Maestro mouse click events don't seem to work.

I found a thread about this topic on another website:

Thanks every body for the help. I am making progress with this.

Using Monterey 12.2.1

First I just learned that I can create an extra space and it will remain even past reboots. Nice.

So I have a I have a macbook and external monitor. (Desktop 1 and 2). I created a new space (Desktop 3).

The basic idea is to have desktop 1 and 2 used for daily work and the desktop 3 be used for non work like social media apps etc.

So I have a KM Macro that opens several finder windows and Apps for daily work on desktop 1 and 2.

New - then I added a new macro that types types CTR shift 3 (my key mods) to go to the new Desktop 3 and open other apps in this window.

All works great.

Currently, when I use "command – tab" to jump to various applications, when I choose an application that is in the new desktop space 3, I was thinking it should automatically jump to that Desktop space and activate the application but it does not. Also if I am in space 3 and choose an app in space 1 or 2 it does NOT jump either.

Q: Is there a way I can get the Mac to automatically jump do the application (CMD-TAB) no matter what desktop space it is in?

Hi @dealtek.

Yes, using the System Preferences > Mission Control. You'll find that information (in a screenshot) and other useful Mission Control Desktop Spaces information here: Desktop Spaces • Macros for Navigation and Window Management

Thanks very much _jims.

With your links I found it here:

mission Control prefs...

When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for this application.

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