Status Menu Icons + Bartender

Usage note: if you use Bartender, you can move Keyboard Maestro’s icon into Bartender’s menu and cause Bartender to display the icon in the Apple menu bar only when a macro is active by using these settings – the duration setting can be longer if desired.

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Here is a short video of Bartender. There you can see how to open KM Apps :nerd_face:

I use “nothing” option, and display KM icon right after the Bartender one. Just to save 1 click, cause I keep important but rather rarely used macros there (not to remember hotkeys), in the status menu. Like: shorten URL using, changing spctl status (for installing third party apps), Bluetooth restart, Converting video for car system and so on

And even Maestro Engine restart. I noticed lately a choppy scrolling on Sierra. Tried everything - nothing, but logout/login. Then fortunately tried to restart Engine and boom - all returned to normal ))