Stop All Macros - not working with Streamdeck (KM Link)

Hi All,

I tried to find an answer to this issue but i couldn't find anything that matches it exactly.

I have a macro to stop all macros running, incase of erratic behaviour.

I have this on my Streamdeck using KM link to trigger it. I have just been upgraded to a M3 Macbook pro and since upgrading the stop all macros doesn't trigger. I added a display text to check whether it was being triggered but then the macros were continuing to run or whether it wasn't triggering at all.

it won't trigger until the macro i was trying to stop has finished running.

I then added a hotkey on my keyboard to see if it was an issue between the streamdeck and KM. (I'm fully aware the real issue is somewhere between the laptop and my office chair I.E. me)

Using the hotkey the macro triggers but often i end up with 4-5 windows popping up to say the macro is running.

Any idea why it doesn't trigger from the stream deck but does from the hotkey? and why it would trigger multiple times?

If i trigger it from the streamdeck when there is no other macro running it triggers okay.

Does it matter which folder the macro is in?

Really appreciate your input guys, total noob here.

There is a lot to try to tease out of that.

Whatever else is going on, this isn't the case. A running macro does not stop another macro from triggering (not unless the Keyboard Maestro Engine is actually locked up which should never happen, but which did in versions of Sonoma before 14.2 when selecting a menu because of issues with the menu accessibility API). The easiest way to check this would be by clicking in the Keyboard Maestro status menu to see if it can display the menu - if it can, then it's not locked up.

So, other than that unlikely possibility, the macro will generally trigger normally.

KM Link triggers macros via AppleScript, so unless something odd is happening, that should generally work. You can look in the Engine.log file to see when/if the macro is being triggered.

I don't know what windows you are talking about here.

No, as long as the macro is enabled and active, it makes no difference where the macro is. And this macro is always active (otherwise Keyboard Maestro would have different text instead of “Triggered by any of the following”).

I added a hotkey (on my Macbook keyboard) to trigger the macro, to try and see where the issue is, it's the 'globe' or fn button. It triggers the macro and stops other macros running fine, but often ends up like this:

Where would i find the engine.log file?

See "Open logs folder" under Keyboard Maestro's "Help" menu.

So i just ran a macro and then once the progress bar opened, pressed the stop macros button on my streamdeck. The macro didn't stop running and then once it finished it showed that the stop macros macro had ran twice:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 4.20.33 PM

I don't know why the Global button would trigger the macro multiple times.

And I'm afraid I also don't know why the KM Link trigger would not get through to Keyboard Maestro immediately.

So at this point I'm afraid I really don't know what it going on on your Mac or with Stream Deck/KM Link.

Going back to basics...

If you create another trigger for the "Stop all macros running" macro, something you can execute from a keyboard like, say, Command+Page UP, does it work? That will narrow down whether KM is at fault or Streamdeck.

So I changed the macro trigger to my fn key and it will trigger whenever I press it. The only issue with it is that when I press the trigger once, I get 4-6 alerts popping up to say that the macro has run.

Using the StreamDeck / KM link, the macro will only trigger if no other macro is running.

Can you post the macro?

There should be a picture in the original post. the streamdeck and KM link trigger the macro as well as the fn/globe key.

I recreated your macro but it worked for me as intended. I guess you should send the engine log to Peter for support.

Stop All Running Macros Macro (v11.0.2)

Stop All Running Macros.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

Testing with this simple macro.

Show Message Macro (v11.0.2)

Show Message.kmmacros (2.1 KB)