Stop application after 30 minutes

I am listening to lectures that last for 130 minutes. I want to stop a quicktime recording on a Mac loaded with Yosemite after 130 minutes. I have never done anything that works. I want to include a screen shot of what I have so far. Don’t see that possibility.

In a nut shell, I was able to start quicktime, bring up the recording audio from the file. I can probably add starting the recording. But I need to add 130 minutes to do the recording and then stop the recording.

If I could get one thing to work, I think I could get started using Keyboard Maestro. I can’t get started.

Also, I see no way to make sure that I receive notification of a reply from the forum. Maybe that happens automatically.

I see the bookmark.

You can have your macro Pause for 130*60 seconds, and then do whatever you need to do to stop the recording.

Note that with any long running macro, there is the risk that you might restart your Mac, sleep your Mac, quit or relaunch Keyboard Maestro Engine, etc. I don’t expect this would be a problem in this case, but it is good to keep in mind any time you consider a long running macro as a solution to a problem.

If you go to your Preferences (click your profile icon at the top right of the forum), you can adjust when you will receive an email. “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, or mentions my @username”.

As you worked out, you can select a macro or macro actions and choose Edit ➤ Copy as Image, and then you can post the image in a topic using the Upload button (which has a shortcut of Command-G on a Mac). There is a macro that can automate most of this process at the topic Select Clipboard Image File.

This is very simple, and there is a corresponding at "at login" to initialise the variables, and it is "one time only" setting .... but it may give you some ideas....

Since the lectures that I listen to are 2 hours long, it would be better to stop the recording program after 2 hours.
jonathanl’s macro is set to stop the program at a set date and time. Is there another way so that the macro starts 2 hours after it was turned on?