Stop Keyboard Maestro from Thinking Part of a URL is a Variable

I have a URL that Keyboard Maestro thinks includes a variable and I have tried quotes and various things to try to keep the full URL.

The URL I want is

Turns into when used

Because it thinks that %3d% is a variable. I am not sure where the = comes from.

Safari Control.kmactions (534 Bytes)

I am not sure why I can't find a similar topic to this but I have spent about an hour looking and reading through manual:Variables [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I of course can get around it with AppleScript

set theURL to ""

open location theURL

Try setting the Process Nothing option in the action's gear menu:

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Oh, that's so easy, thank you very much!

Not sure why I would need to do this but I am guessing that Keyboard Maestro doesn't have a way to quote out text that looks like variables.

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It thinks %3d% is a token -- specifically the Unicode = sign. See this bit of the manual for more.

You could do as @tiffle suggests -- or you could try using the unencoded version of the URL, which would be (not sure why its been given to you encoded -- = is perfectly valid in a URL, unless they are doing some =-reliant post processing on the server).

If you need token processing and you need to use that encoded format, escape the % symbols with another % for each so that KM doesn't interpret them as token markers:


Yes it does - see @Nige_S ā€™s post above!

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Thank you all, I was thinking that over and over in the back of my mind, I am not sure why I didn't try that. I am not sure how you guys know this stuff, I wonder if this can be added to manual:Variables [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I have been out of touch with the forum for quite a bit working on a several personal things and wondered why @JMichaelTX wasn't pulling up. I am saddened to hear about the passing of Jim, he gave so much help and there were so many scripts, macros, etc that he helped with. The Passing of JMichaelTX

Who is updating the Wiki help now I wonder if %% can be added to manual:Variables [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Because we've come up against the same thing and either discovered the solution through reading the documentation, or by asking on the forum, or by searching the forum for previous answers.

Some of us read through pretty much every post on the forum looking for nuggets too, although I fully realize not everyone has time for this.  :sunglasses:

Peter is in charge of the Wiki, although I and some others have editing privileges...

See this:

"Using Special Characters as Plain Text

To include a percent in your text, simply double the percent (%%). To include a backslash \ in your text, double the backslash (\)."

manual:Tokens [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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That makes sense and having the memory to remember all the stuff you read is important too. There have been many times I have read through posts only to see that I have already read posts and had to relearn or even worse I have went back and watched my own tutorial videos. I am so grateful to all of you who so generously share with the rest of us.

Good to know thanks.

Oh, it's under Tokens I should have figured that out when that was referenced above. After reading through that I remember reading that page in detail a while ago. Thanks again, everyone.

I do have a pretty good memory, but it's far from perfect. I frequently have to relearn stuff I haven't used in a long while, and I get pissed-off when that was last week...   :sunglasses:

I try to keep good examples and notes, but I'm not as conscientious about that as I'd like.

I need to start using a good searchable mind-map software and reckon I will when I can finally upgrade my hardware.

Haha, I hear you there.

I keep pretty detailed notes and have for about a decade in Scrivener. It seems to be the best searchable and most organized app I have found for that sort of thing. I have spent an extreme amount of time researching and trying dozens and dozens of apps some around $200 but Scrivener though not a code snippet app has been the best for me.

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Doubling percentages is a part of token processing, so it has little to do with variables. It is described in Tokens user manual section.

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