Stop on Error in a Multistep Macro?

I have one macro that works via hotkey 99% of times. This macro may also be called to execute say 20 times via a second macro. this works too, mostly, but sometimes the macro stops, somewhere in the flow. is it possible to identify the exact place this happens? (and optional give a sound signal) have looked at the actions, but not found one I could use (limited understanding :slight_smile:


Hey Palle,

I'm doubtful that this will work, but Keyboard Maestro actions return a value of “OK” when they successfully complete.

The thing is – the action might successfully complete its job – but the macro could still fail for timing or other reasons.

Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (2.1 KB)

Have you reviewed the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log for issues?

See the Keyboard Maestro Editor Help Menu › Open Logs Folder

Open with either the console or BBEdit.

Search for the macro that failed, and see if there's any information about the failure in the log.

NOTE – everyone should have BBEdit on their system whether they buy it or not – if not registered it reverts to the BBEdit Lite (freeware) after a respectable demo period.

BBEdit Lite is significantly superior to Bare Bones Software old freeware text editor TextWrangler. It is quite scriptable and has very good regular expression find/replace.


I have full bbe, Will investigate as you suggest


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Have checked the engine log, it was rather huge, but I get a feeling of what to look for and seems that all/most are in connection with a "move and click at (x,y) from..."
I will adjust the Fuzzines factor and see if that reduces the errors

and yes BBEdit is a very fine tool :nerd_face:


Assuming the Macro is getting some type of error, this should help you identify it:

MACRO: Display Last KM Macro Error Ver 4 [Pub]