Stream Deck integration and button feedback


I'm using Stream Deck in combination with KeyBoard Maestro. It works very nice, but there's two important missing features that would be very welcome:

  • the USB buttons aren't recoqnized by Keyboard Maestro (the workaround now is to set the same keyboard shortcuts in KM and Stream Deck)

  • If Stream Deck could accept a message from Keyboard Maestro or another application to change the button state of a hotkey switch, that would be very convenient (e.g. midi cc messages).This way, the button would be lit or non-lit and thus tell if a function in another application is active or not (a script in Keyboard maestro would send a midi message to the Stream Deck)

I know this last one is up to Elgato, I have send them this feature request.

I try to use as little of key commands as possible. With Steam Deck, there is no need.

I just export all my KM macros to an Apple Script file and load them into Steam Deck with the "Open" icon. If I make any adjustments to that macro in KM, it will automatically be executed with Steam Deck going forward without re-loading as long as you do not change the name. Works great!

I even created a KM shortcut that will automatically copy the macro launch script in KM, opens Apple Scrip application and export the file into my dropbox account in one click.

Here is my "Auto Script Maker 1.0" macro in case you are interested.

This will take any KM macro and make it an Apple Script trigger document. This is really rough. If there is any suggestions on how to improve, let me know and I will make the edits.

Please note, you will need to edit the cells that are in yellow to save it to the desired location of your saved scripts.

AutoScript Maker 1.0.kmmacros (75.7 KB)

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Nice script, thank you very much!