Stream Deck Plugin with Multuiple Folders or Profiles

This is great it looks like you updated how it sorts my 3,000+ macros. I can't wait to install it tomorrow when I get into work, thank you!

You're right, i didn't think about updating and this is not very well managed by the Streamdeck app...
Yes you have to uninstall-reinstall.

  • download the new version and unzip
  • in SD app, go to "More Action" then click on "uninstall" KMlink plugin.
  • then double click on the com.corcules.kmlink.streamDeckPlugin to reinstall.
    Your setup will be unchanged.
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Thank you for the assurance on the update. It's clean and works wonderfully. I appreciate your efforts in creating this.

Thank you again!


@corcules Thanks for this update! The organization and recent sections are excellent. I can't thank you enough for this plugin.


I completely agree, thank you very much this is now extremely useable for me thanks a bunch! I wish StreamDeck made it possible to sort by groups and then sort by macros in those groups so the list was shorter but not a huge deal it is a zillion times faster now then it was before! Thanks again!!

My comments on this plugin from the other thread:

Hi @corcules. KMLink has made the Stream Deck worth its weight in gold for me. Thanks so much for making it!!!

Could you explain what the "Optional Parameter" box is for? Is it possible to enter text here and have Keyboard Maestro pick it up as a variable to paste? If so, it would mean that I could have one master KM macro for inserting plugins in Logic Pro, with the plugin name referenced from the button, rather than have to make a separate macro for each plugin. This would cut the time taken to program each button considerably!

Hi and thank you.
Yes the parameter field allow you to pass a string to the KM macro. You can get this string in the macro with « %triggervalue% » (see KM wiki for the correct syntax... :wink:)


I've really tried to get my head around this on my own before asking another question, but I've come up short. The macro works perfectly with a simple paste action containing the name of the plugin, so I know nothing else is awry. I fundamentally don't understand how to pass text on using the %triggervalue% variable. Is this anywhere near right?


P.S. I checked this out but couldn't deduce my error.

Hi @noisneil. I've been trying to set up some SD buttons to trigger stuff in Lightroom and ran into the problem you're having - namely, the parameter associated with the SD button isn't being passed to the KM macro.

I have got it working and I think the problem is a bug with the KM Link plugin for the SD.

I found that, in the SD profile I created for my Lightroom buttons, if I set up a button how I wanted - for example like this:

KM 0 2021-03-14_14-52-41

and then tried it out, it didn't work as the parameter value "Up" was not being sent to the KM macro.

I then went back to the SD profile for Lightroom and saw that the button was set to this:

KM 1 2021-03-14_14-53-21

So the value I set for the parameter was somehow being forgotten.

The solution I found was this: after setting the SD button up as desired, I then clicked to a different SD profile and then clicked back to my Lightroom profile (all while in the SD configurator) and that seemed to force SD to "remember" the parameter setting. I found that I had to do this for each SD button I was setting up - a bit laborious but it got it working in the end.

It's a bit of a long-winded description but I hope it helps you out.

I also hope @corcules can investigate and provide a fix.

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Thankyou @tiffle! You nailed it! I can get it to work now. I might wait to hear what @corcules says before I start programming buttons, as it'd be a lot quicker if I didn't have to keep switching profiles. Regardless, it's an awesome and powerful plugin! Thanks again!

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Yep ! Horrible ! Shame on me ! I’ll check that asap (next days i hope). Stay tune...

No shame - you’ve created a fantastic plugin that I use every day. Thank you!!


Yours should be the default plugin that Elgato gives to its customers.


Et voilà, have a nice monday !


You are a star @corcules :star2:

Just installed the new version and it works like a charm.

Thank you so very much!!

Hey @tiffle Nice! Can you please share the KM macro images associated with this parameter passing? I used an If text %TriggerValue% is Up - simulate scroll up 100, otherwise scroll down 100. I used the ctrl Modifier key to pass the Up parameter. Mine works but I wanted to see how you performed this. I'm assuming your StreamDeck images, from above, haven't changed.

Thanks much!

Hi @kcwhat - great to hear from you! My Lightroom automation is still a work in progress, so the SD image has changed as follows:

KM 0 2021-03-15_13-42-55

So I'm now passing the equivalent of an array to my KM macro, Scroll, in the SD button parameter. It just tells the KM macro which direction to scroll and how far.

The macro itself looks like this:

The parameter passed is available to the macro in the %TriggerValue% token from which I extract the two values - direction and amount - which are then used to actually scroll the image view in Lightroom.

I wasn't absolutely sure what you meant by

so I hope this is what you were looking for.

If not, let me know.

Cheers and take care.


Thanks @tiffle!

Holy smokes! This is way more than my feeble attempt. Nifty way to use your SD to pass a parameter. I have no comparison with how you used it. I'm trying to get better at parameters and I appreciate you sharing. Here was my attempt:


I used Two Macros:

Very interesting seeing how people work, the mindsets behind it and the organic evolution.

I'm going to try to dissect what you did.

As always - Thank you for sharing.


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It is interesting to get someone else's viewpoint. A couple of things struck me:

  1. I totally forgot about the Scroll wheel action, so thanks for reminding me about that! I use a Magic Trackpad which is lacking a scroll wheel!
  2. You're making use of Modifier keys while I use the brute force method of using as many SD buttons as I can, like this: KM 0 2021-03-15_14-47-43

So thank you for sharing, too - I'm always happy to learn from others.