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I am so happy with the Stream Deck Support. I own three 15 button devices, and use two of them next to each other, the third is for mobile uses. I am a very frequent user of these devices and made many macro's for it.

I found an issue with the Set Title. It seems it is not sticking. I made this:

Now, when i change to another Stream Deck Profile, or go into a folder within the same Profile, and return to the profile or level where the button is, the text is gone. I would expect that it would remain.

Yes. If Stream Deck switches to another Application Profile, and then you go back to the last Profile - the icon will be saved, however the title will be gone.

The only way I can go around this issue is creating the macro with a "Periodically while logged in:" trigger and execute it every min or so.

Any other suggestions?

This is resolved for 9.0.2.

I expected that Stream Deck software would remember the image and title, but I noticed it did not remember the image, so I actively saved and restored that. I didn't notice that it didn't save the title either, so in 9.0.2 it will actively saved and restored that too.


Thanks! Looking forward too 9.02
When you're at it, maybe you can take a look at the Stream Deck Multi Actions. A KM action in there fails to keep the RowColumn.

Oh, you just answered that question in the topic itself.

Peter, could you make saving the title/icon optional? I have some macros that change the button based on KM action results and would prefer if that change is not saved.


No, if you set the title, then the title will remain set until you change it. If you want the title to change to something else then you should create a macro to change it.

If you want the title lost when the application activates or deactivates, I suggest doing it then (although I am not 100% sure that will work, given I don't know the internals of Stream Deck.

Thanks for 9.0.2
A quick look tells me all is fine! Thanks a lot!

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The Keyboard Maestro Stream Deck Plugin should now be available directly from the Stream Deck interface, including automatic updating.


it is.

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