Stream Drack set Icon issue

Hi there..i have an issue with my stream deck:

Show alter works ok
Show ok works ok
Set Image and Set Title do not work at all

Any suggestions?

Thanks, G.

Hi G! Welcome to the forum.

I'm using Show Image and Set Title for my Stream Deck, so it's definitely possible. I'd need to see your macro to see what you're trying to do.

For "Show Title" make sure that the "Show Title" box is checked in the Stream Deck app setting for the button that you are trying to set. If the Stream Deck software does not know to show a title, Keyboard Maestro cannot show a title.

As far as image, make sure that you have the right numbers for the R?C? in your macro?

Hi Tj!
Yes the R?C? is correct and if i use it for show altert of show ok it works but not for Show Image.
For Show title the titlebox is checked. The Macrosi working, i mean, if a change the show image command to a show altert all is ok...but with show image not works. also if a try the single command, no way...

I believe Stream Deck will only show the title that Keyboard Maestro sets if the title is blank in Stream Deck. The same might be true for images.