Strikethrough Text Formating in Notes

I am using Apples stock Notes app. It is working pretty well for my needs so far although for some reason I am unable to access the todo list function. Not the point of this post but, I am trying to use strikethrough text style for items I consider done on my todo list (but still worthy of keeping around so that I know I have done them).

Problem is, Notes does not offer this text styling feature of strikethrough. I am wondering if KM does offer this? If so, what would be the correct block to choose that would allow me to reformat what is either in a variable or on the clipboard? The thinking here is that I could select some text in notes and copy it to the macro, add a strikethrough style to the text, and then paste it back.

I see there is a similar response about Evernote but that is about clicking on Evernote menus and accessing features already built into Evernote.

Answered my own post so I could check solved. Used this page to figure it out. Still was a little bit of info to sort through but the upshot was simple; 1) copy some text to clipboard 2) “Apply Style To Clipboard”, paste it back again.

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