Styled Clipboards

I'm struggling a bit to work out how to copy several clips one after another in different clipboards that can then be pasted out one after another in another macro as styled text. I'm working in Adobe InDesign and want to retain all the font, size and styling info copied out of one document, then copied into different places in another.

Am I along the right lines here? It's specifically the clipboard copy part, and the intention is to make several such clipboards.

When I do this though, the value inspector isn't showing any content (styled or otherwise) other than the token "%NamedClipboard%%SystemClipboard%%".

I haven't got as far as writing the second macro yet, just wanting to check I'm on the right lines, or not...

CleanShot 2021-09-29 at 14.51.00

Hey @DMA,

You’ve erred on the syntax of the system clipboard.



You also have some other options: