Sub-Menues in Status Menu

I like the feature of the Status Menu to show only relevant macros for the front application. But I have many macros in the Global Group, which I want to be there.

Is it possible to make a custom sub-menues for grouping macros there (in order to make it more compact)?

Say, I want to see a Restart group, which would contain my macros on all restarts (WiFi, Bluetooth, KM, …). Just like Paste or Cancel menu

If you want to split them in to separate groups, separate the macros into different Macro Groups.

You can change the status menu to a hierarchical menu in the General preferences if you like, but not on a per-group basis.

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Thank you, I know these features, but splitting macros into separate groups will make the menu longer, and I want these sub-menues to make the list more compact

I am afraid I am not following you. Perhaps some sort of picture would help.

You say "Just like Paste or Cancel menu". They are hierarchical menus, and you can display the status menu macro groups hierarchically by adjusting your Keyboard Maestro preference,

My bad…
Yes, you are right, thank you!

I guess no way to mix “By Group” and “Hierarchically”: if I want to make most often used macros 2 clicks away (“By Group”) and less often used - to conceal in sub-menu (“Hierarchically”) to compact menu?

I’m afraid not.

You might want to take a look at using palettes. There have been a number of innovative solutions using palettes that have been posted.

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