Submitting Chrome Forms

I've created macros that are supposed to allow me to automatically log on to certain webpages that I use on daily basis. However, an issue I keep on encountering is that despite the username and password fields were already auto-filled by Chrome, somehow when the macro runs and submits the form the page acts as if I've left those fields blank. See image.
Also, is there a way to trigger the macro whenever a certain URL is open, but without costing too much CPU?

Thank you!

Hey @Llama_Lord,

I'm guessing the fields aren't registering that they have been filled.

What happens if you fill them using the macro and then:

  • Manually click in each field.
  • Then Submit the form.

You can monitor Google Chrome window URLs, but that's really a waste.

In general I really wouldn't want something like this running without my direct authorization.

I use 1Password for filling log-ins.


Also: did you use "paste" or "type" to fill the form?
In my experience "type" actions will register more often than "paste" actions.