SUBROUTINE - scroll to bottom of webpage Macro (v10.2)

I needed a way to easily scroll to the bottom of a webpage and wanted to make it reusable. Thought it might be useful for others as well. You can customize the behavior by passing parameters.

As a bonus, I discovered that the Macro Library topic page is just over 100k pixels long with the first post being posted on July 1, 2014.

SUBROUTINE - scroll to bottom of webpage Macro (v10.2)

SUBROUTINE - scroll to bottom of webpage.kmmacros (14 KB)

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I like your use of the subroutine construct!

This came up in another thread where I shared how I auto scroll to the bottom. It doesn’t report any extra information like your approach does so YMMV. I’m no JavaScript expert so I’m not sure where I got this from but here it is:

KM 0 2021-08-18_22-49-38

Here’s the link to that other thread Apparently I can't get Safari to auto-scroll... ideas? FYI

I should add that I found using the scroll action was a bit hit and miss depending on how responsive the web site was which is why I ended up using this JS snippet.


Nice! That’s another great way to do it. Thanks for sharing.

Unless I’m missing something, you can achieve the same by pressing Command+Down Arrow.

That works if the whole page is fully loaded in one go. Sometimes web pages load in segments so that every time you get to the bottom, another piece loads and extends the page. My JS keeps going to the “bottom” until no more is the entire page eventually loads into the browser.