Subroutines Smart Group Not Working?

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a Smart Group to hold all Macros that have the "Subroutine" trigger, but the query syntax, according to the documentation, doesn't seem to be working (returns zero Macros).


If I just use the "Subroutine" word, it pulls them up, along with some other Macros that aren't Subroutines; hence why I can't use that.

Could anybody check if this is working for them? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have just tried, and it does seem that "trigger:Subroutine" has not been implemented. I think its addition would be consistent and useful. (@peternlewis)

That search is for the text "subroutine", so it will include only subroutines that contain the word "subroutine" and the macros that call them.

It would seem to me that the trigger: qualifier applies only to typed string triggers as is shown in the above-referenced documentation.

I started adding a comment box to all my macros that contains keywords that won't ever appear in any macro (except in the comment box). This lets me easily make smart lists for anything I care to track. I use delimeters to mark the start and end of keywords, too, so I can do multi-word keywords.


Yea, it's a bit more work up front, but it's infinitely flexible. On my to do list is to write a simple macro to pop up my keywords so I can easily populate them into the comment.


Try it with hotkey triggers and even "Filter".

I believe "string" refers to search string, not string trigger. For example, t:periodic returns macros with periodic triggers, t:time for time of day triggers, etc.

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It is a bug. Fixed for the next version. Thanks.


Awesome Peter; thanks! First post here; long time lurker, happy to have provided something of help :sweat_smile: