Success triggering Keyboard Maestro actions from the touch bar via BetterTouchTool

Just thought I’d share the good news that I’ve been able to successfully setup keyboard maestro to work with the touch bar on the new MacBook Pro via Better Touch Tool!
Better Touch Tool just recently released an alpha version of their software which allows touch bar button creation, and it works remarkably well. I’ve created touch bar buttons which trigger AppleScripts which trigger Keyboard Maestro to trigger specific actions (woah, that’s a lot of triggers!). The buttons can be set as global, or application-specific.
This might not work so well for people who have many keyboard maestro actions, but I have about 5 per application, so it works perfectly. Hopefully one day Keyboard Maestro will natively support the touch bar and using Better Touch Tool won’t be necessary, but for the time being this method works perfectly and is extremely customizable. Pretttttty awesome!

I’d post screenshots, but touch bar screenshots are only available in the latest Sierra beta, which I don’t have.