Suggested Updates to Dictionaries and AppleScript Wiki Entries

  • The info on access Dictionaries from AppleScript, on the AppleScript page is fairly weak. The examples on the Dictionary page are excellent. Could the example on the AppleScript page be removed and a link to the Dictionary page replace it? (I'm assuming you don't just want to duplicate the examples, if that's not the case copy the examples from the Dictionary page?)

  • On the Dictionaries page, the example of working with the list returned by dictionary keys of dictionary is incomplete. it doesn't really tell you how to work with the list of items returned. (I initially thought it just returned a list of the key names, not so).

This might be more helpful:

Oh, also the dictionary keys aren't just a copy of the data from the dictionary, if you modify a value in the key list, the dictionary back in KM is also updated.

After running that the value stored in the dictionary inside of KM will be "10.00"