Suggestion: allow using Tab key as an on-hold modifier (single press Tab remains as is)

Is it possible to use the Tab key as a modifier, but at the same time retain the native Tab standalone functionality?
For example, I'd like Tab1 key combo to open Documents folder in Finder
However, pressing Tab and releasing it should still behave just like it currently is

I see the Tab key as a stand-alone trigger in the "This hot key:" key field (in a separate drop-down menu), but I can't find anything that would allow to combine Tab with anything else

Thanks for any tips (maybe only Karabiner Elements is capable of this feat)!

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I don't think you can do that. Tab is not a modifier. Does it have to be Tab? Caps Lock is very close. If you change this key in macos to Control for example, then you have a modifier with which you can do anything. And Tab does what it always did.

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I know it's not a modifier, but I'd like to make it into one as it could be much more useful this way :slight_smile:

Yes, it does — I'm already using it with AutoHotkey as a modifier and would like to replicate my setup to share muscle memory across systems.
It's also more conveniently located for Key15 combinations; and I'm already using Caps Lock as a Hyper key for something else
Lastly, by using Tab I could have a clean conceptual differentiation — "this Tab modifier key is for navigation; the other caps modifier key is a launcher"


I see :smiley: Then maybe "indirectly". Create a palette whose trigger is Tab. Then assign only letters or numbers (without modifier) as trigger to the macros of the palette. The result is that Tab + something triggers the macro of your choice.

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Use a less used key like the CTRL key.
That way you can do CTRL - F for Finder.

Or karabiner


but then I'd lose the main Tab functionality

It's also a much less convenient key, so let it remain unused :slight_smile:

Ok, though configuring KM is much more convenient, so hopefully this feature might some day be added to KM proper

shift + tab = tab

I do not know any other way.