Suggestion for a future version of KBM: a cheatsheet to quickly see all macro keyboard shortcuts


KBM is addictive, which means that many users end up with innumerable macros, many keyboard shortcuts. By shortcuts, I mean custom defined shortcuts for the user's macros. I do not mean generic macros for the KBM app.
It would be very nice to be able to press one key and generate a dense 2-3 column table with macro names and corresponding shortcuts.
Just as an example see scrivener shortcuts below. The shortcuts below are Scrivener shortcuts. I am only displaying the table to show a nice multi column format, which is easier than one long list (macro name on the left and shortcut on the right) which one has to scroll down.

thanks very much !

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[quote="ronald, post:1, topic:5322"]
It would be very nice to be able to press one key and generate a dense 2-3 column table with macro names and corresponding shortcuts.[/quote]

@ronald, I agree with you.
Fortunately for us, so does the developer of KM: he has already built in what you want.

Arrange in 1-2-3-4 or more columns; up to you.
Cut out icons to make the display more dense.
Variety of colors, too.

Below is one example: macros I use most often in KM itself.
I have similar "cheat sheets" for other apps, like Firefox, NeoOffice, and Finder.

The difference between this example, and the Scrivener example above, is you may select just which macros you want to appear.
And you may change your selection any time.

In the example below, some macros are built in to KM, several are my own, and one is provided by another poster on this forum.
I don't include all macros, because I prefer to display just those I use most.

So, for example, in a Firefox window to read email, I want to see one set of macros, specific to email.
But in Firefox RSS window, a different set just for that.
And in all other Firefox windows, a "default" set.
So, you can customize from many directions like that.


The term for this "cheat sheet" display in KM is "Palette".
Here are two places to look in KM editor to help you find where to get started:

1.) As a trigger:

2.) As an action:

There is plenty of information about using palettes on this forum and in the help documentation.
Here is one link to this topic in the documentation:

Of course, your further questions would be welcome here, too.


If you’d like a solution you can have today and is far more useful than just a cheat sheet take a look at KeyCue, It will allow you to display not only custom “cheatsheets” on demand but a whole lot more. Cost is €19.99.


thank you for your suggestion.
I think that I looked at KeyCue a while back.
Wouldn’t I have to be in KBM to make the shortcuts appear, as opposed to being in Pages, Chrome or any other app?
thanks again

thank you very much for your message. I read your Post and the link.
I must admit that I am lost. I knew the show global palette command, which I use when my global palette icon disappears.
You mention number of columns, selection of macros to display, and other configurable parameters, but I see none of that.
There must be something basic that I did not catch,.
Sorry and thank you again.

You don’t have to be in KM Editor, only KM Engine must be running.

Just set up a trigger and it will work from any app. For example, in my setup it shows me the KM hotkeys when I hold down fn⌃⌥:

I think that I looked at KeyCue a while back.

It has greatly evolved in the last time. It now interacts with PopChar and Typinator, and other new features.


Thanks very much Tom. Just bought it.
Also want to let you know that I am very grateful for your help with KBM

I had a look at my newly purchsed Keycue. it is fantastic. For KBM, and also for Scrivener which is a shortcut headache. Thanks again very much for the suggestion

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There are apps that are not interacting well with KeyCue. Here you can download description files for some of these. (For example Adobe Programs.)

Thanks again very much for the suggestion

It was @Av8tntek who made the suggestion.

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Yes, you would have to have it active.

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thanks very much for finding the solution

Is typinator in any way better than textexpander?
TE has moved to a subscription, which is … ridiculous.

I’m using Typinator for years, and in the past I sometimes gave TextExpander a try, to see if it has become in any way better than Typinator. But the result was negative. (In contrary, I had the impression that TextExpander executes expansions slower.)

Since they introduced their subscription model it’s a double no-brainer.

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i wonder what is going through their head. Paying for a subscription to textexpander seem ludicrous.