Suggestion for KBM update: ability to select multiple actions, and batch collapse (perhaps add collapse to context menu)

I simply mention this because I had a macro with about 20 actions I wanted to disable and close. It happens regularly when I duplicate and edit a macro instead of rewriting it.
After highlighting selected macros, it would be nice to be able to batch collapse in the context menu
thank you for considering my suggestion

Option click the Disclosure button will disclose or undisclose all the actions within a list.

You can also select a set of actions and use View ➤ Collapse Action.

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thank you Peter

The ability to Option-Click to expand/collapse all actions mimics the behavior seen when doing the same to a list of folders in the Finder. Intentional or not, this replicates a common Mac capability (there may be some exceptions and variations; for example, I think iTunes can do similar things in places when holding the Command key).

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Yes, it is intentional.

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