[Suggestion] Quick DIFF for Macros (Inside KM)

@peternlewis, mainly

This example, where I have two dated versions of the same macro made me wish there was a Quick Diff possibility inside KM Editor.

Not asking for a refined presentation; a quick diff display of the XML as it is (just as pure text diff), e.g. via FileMerge (or ideally user-settable, P4, DeltaWalker, …; but not necessary), or via integrated display would be fine.

I remember something that @DanThomas possibly may have posted, some time ago, in the context of versioncontrolling KM macros, I don’t remember exactly.

In any case, it should be part of KM, not via any external macro/scripts: I select two macros > Menu > Diff > and I get a (pure text) diff of the two.

Something along these lines.

Maybe it’s already possible, and I missed it (I haven’t been very present on the forum for some time), then let me know!

– Tom

If you just want to diff the two via XML, then you can just use Copy as XML for both and diff them, and that would be an easy macro to set up (certainly if you just did the Copy as XML manually first and then ran the macro.

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Ah, you see, I knew I was missing something :wink: . Copying the two XMLs via menu and comparing them is good enough for me at the moment.

(Though, having this functionality baked in, would be a nice little feature. But certainly nothing urgent.)


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Hey @peternlewis,

It would greatly facilitate tasks like this if the XML of Macros was available as an AppleScript property.

The XML of Actions is available, but that of Macros is not...


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I agree.
To be clear, Macro Actions have a XML property, but the entire Macro does not.

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Done for the next version.

  • Added xml AppleScript properties for macros, macro groups and smart groups.

That's huge!

Many thanks.


Super! That will be a big help.

Not pushing, just curious: any idea when the new version will be released?

Not for a quite a while, I am working on v10 now.