Suggestion: rename "for one action" in macro group setup

Options in the setting up of Macro groups include "Activated for one action when" and "Shows a palette for one action when".

Suggestion: avoid potential confusion with macro actions by renaming those options "Activated for one macro execution when" and "Shows a palette for one macro execution when".

Also, in the manual page for macro groups, "will remain enabled only until either any macro is triggered" should read "will remain enabled only until either any macro within that group is triggered".

It's not that simple. Other things will deactivate the macro group, such as reloading the macros or changing applications, even just typing a key will deactivate the macro group.

I agree that overusing the word “action” is unhelpful, but it cannot be something specific like “one macro execution” when that may not be the case.

I will look at adjusting the wiki. Thanks.

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Just the other day I also got caught with this wording, and its use of «action». I felt confident enough with how this setting works, for me just to move on, but the way I see it «for the triggering of one macro when» or «for one macro triggering when», or the like, would resonate better with how I think about it. But I only have a very superficial understanding for what is actually going on, and a wording like this might also be imprecise for what it actually opens up for, and closes for thereafter

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So those all fall under the word "actions". I would have regarded them instead as ways to exit the originally intended "action".

By way of comparison: there is a "Repeat" (proper!) action which can be affected by Redirect Control Flow actions, but it is known simply as "Repeat".