[suggestion] Send keys to app in the background

Better Touch Tool has the ability to send keystrokes (keyboard shortcuts, etc…) to applications in the background which is really nice if I’d like to have an app do something, but I don’t want to interrupt my workflow. It’s not perfect (there’s a warning when you set that option that some apps don’t accept keys in the background, and gives you the option to raise the app, send the keys, then send the app back again.

It would be great if keyboard maestro had that option.

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It is on the todo list. It will definitely be interesting to see how reliable it is when it is eventually done. In theory you can click in non-front applications as well. How well applications handle such behaviour is a very open question.


Thanks again for the 8.0 update… I noticed in the release notes that you can now send keystrokes, and typing to the non-front app, but I can’t seem to find a setting on any action that will allow me to do that. Can you elaborate?

Great question!

Answer: Check the Type Keystroke Action Gear options for Send to:


@peternlewis, I updated the Wiki, and provided a link in What’s New:
Send to Background App (v8+)

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