Suggestion: Tests group shared by all members of the forum

One thing I noticed is that each person has their own tests/experiments folder and when we share a macro, then the person downloading that macro ends up with different folders.
For example some people use a folder called "Experiments". Some people use "Test Group". I use "_Tests Danny Wyatt".

My suggestion would be that we all agree on a name for a group folder where all macros shared with the forum go there, even if we have our one personal folder for testing macros.

For example if we all have a "_KM Forum Tests" group folder, then when we share macros, they all go to that folder and we know where to find it instead of creating different test folders. I personally delete those group folders when they are empty and deleting them all the time is "annoying".

My suggestion would be "_KM Forum Tests". Why the underscore? Well I use that all the time to make things go to the top of the list. So all my own macros would be after the macros shared by the people in the forum.

What do you guys think?

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This sounds like a very good idea.

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I've been using this macro from @noisneil to automatically import macros into a TEST GROUP. It works great. If the macro is a keeper, then I move it into a suitable macro group.


Thanks for sharing that macro.

I like to have as few macros as possible and being able to navigate without extra "clicks", that's why I suggested that the forum agree on a name and that way we would all know where they are going to.
Also, it seems that the macro you shared does some things that are not always desired. For example "delete the group they were in if it's now empty". What if it's not empty and we want to keep some macros there? It's an extra group just laying there.
Also "enable the macros that have been moved" what if we want them disabled until we actually work on them?

Maybe what I suggested is not a good idea for most people here, so I guess we can ignore it.

I think this is a good idea in theory, but I would be surprised if we landed on a name we all agree on.

Similar to your underscore prefix, I often use "Ξ" (the Greek letter Xi) because I prefer to sort some groups to the very bottom of the list. This is what I would want for this shared group.

With the meticulous crowd we have here on the forum, I'm sure there are plenty more peculiar preferences.

I am in favour of this idea.

I think it might make sense for the group to be named such that it alphabetically sorts to the end of the list. I believe you could then make a smart group which would be near to the top of the list if you prefer that for sorting on your own computer.

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I don't mind about the character or if the folder is at the top or bottom, as long as it's not in the middle of the list.

I understand that each person has their own preferences, but I rather deal with a name most people agreed with, than having multiple folders and having to manage/delete them.
For example, if I download a macro you shared, but I don't work on it right away. Then I download 10 more macros from 10 different people and I don't work on them right away, even if I use @noisneil 's macro, I still need to go and run the macro 11 times.
Not only that, but now I need to check each one of them to find a specific macro I want to work on right now.
So I believe that dealing with a name is easier than the current scenario, imo.

Here's what I created and I would like to test if the icon is also affected or not:
Test.kmmacros (917 B)

Keyboard Maestro Export

Can you download this macro, then add a custom icon to the group, create a new macro and share it so I can download it? I will add my own custom icon and see if it changes to yours when I download and install your macro. Right now, there's no custom icon on that group.

As I mentioned on my previous reply, I'm ok with it being at the bottom. As long as it's not in the middle of my personal groups, all good.
And your workaround of using the smart macro is a good option for those who want it at the top

Can you download the macro I just shared, add a custom icon, add a new macro and share it so I can see if the icon changes on my end?

And there is the problem: if I share a macro that is specific to a particular app - like Safari for example - or palette, then my macro group will have settings related to that. If you then import someone else's macro into the same macro group before dealing with mine then their macro's group settings could overwrite mine which will then result in my macro no longer functioning as intended. Consequently, you won't be able to "test" the macro of mine that your imported.

So even though your idea is well intentioned (and has merit) I don't think it will work in practice.

To be honest, I think the process of importing macros could benefit from having an extra step after double-clicking on it in Finder that tells you which group the import will go to and offers you the chance to specify a different group either new or existing.

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I see what you mean.
My post is more related to our personal "test" folders, not related to specific apps, like you mentioned.
Yes, a macro related to Safari, if you share the macro from your Safari group, will go straight to a group called Safari. That's not a problem and it makes sense.

But sometimes we just share "random" macros that are not particular to any application.
That's what I would like to target, using a "universal" group.

And yes, having the option to pick where it goes, could be a good feature.

Well, even though I have a Test group and share macros from it I still sometimes have to change the group settings because I'm testing out some app-specific functionality in response to a Forum request.

But I do get what you're saying: whenever I import a macro I always try to watch carefully for the change in the Group list otherwise it can be difficult to see where it's been imported to. Although that's not so much of an issue now I have a smart group showing recently changed macros.

Ok, but now let me ask you this:
Let's say I've downloaded 10 macros from you from that "test group" and the group is set to work with any app.
Now I download another one you shared where you had to change it to a particular app.
When I install it, will it change the previous settings for that group with the 10 macros?
If so, then those macros won't work.

The group settings are part and parcel of the macro(s) you're importing.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

The thing is sometimes we download macros, but we don't look at them right away. Then we work on other macros we were working on and by the time we go to that smart group, the most recent macros are not the ones we downloaded.

Having a forum group is more straight forward imo, Avoids extra macros to run such as the one @noisneil created and avoids extra smart groups that have the issue I just mentioned

That's not what I'm using the smart group for: as soon as I do the import, if I don't see a change in the group list I check the smart group, which lets me go straight to the newly-imported macro and deal with it.

But then it's always up to the original user to share a macro that is set to use any app.

Let me clarify:
Let's say your tests folder is called "Tiffle Tests" and it's set to use any app.

I downloaded 10 macros you shared. I have the "Tiffle Tests" group now. I can test your macros and all that.
Tomorrow you share another macro, but you had to change the settings of the group to Safari. Now all the other 10 macros won't work. So in this case, I think whoever shares the macro should always revert the group to all apps before sharing. Or in that case, move the macro to a group related to the app (Safari, for example) and only then share it.

The tests group should be for macros that can be used on any app, because regardless of the tests group being yours or the forum's, you will always break macros inside if you change the group settings.

But as I said, we don't always check those macros when we download them. If I'm in a hurry and I download your macro, I won't be working on it right away. Maybe when I come back, I have other macros I would like to work on, my own macros, so by the time I check the smart group, your macro is not "recently changed"

Not sure what you mean by this. If a group is created by importing a macro and that macro is then moved to your nominated testing group (leaving the new group empty), it will be deleted.

I've updated the macro with the option to enable rather than doing it by default.

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Your macro has an issue, that @tiffle pointed out:
What if the macro is app specific, such as Safari, and the group needs to be set that way?
Since your macro is triggered by any .kmmacros file, it will then move the macro to a group (the tests group) that doesn't have those settings.

So I think it shouldn't be triggered by any .kmmacros file. We should still be able to manually double click to start the process.

Maybe we could see a pop up that lets us pick if it will install in its original group or if it goes through the process of moving the macro to our custom group (if that's even possible, of course). Does it make sense?

Then click cancel / hit Escape and import manually.