Suggestions for moving snippets from aText to KM?

I’m moving all of my text expansion snippets from aText, a dedicated snippet expander that is no longer being supported, to KM, which is EXTREMELY well supported, and which I feel I’m under-using anyway.

Does anyone have best practices to suggest for efficient setup of a text expansion library in KM?

And for converting my existing library, which aText exports as rtf?

Many thanks for all thoughts.

How many aText snippets do you have?

AFAIK, there is no import tool for KM. However, there is a KM macro that will auto-create KM Macros using typed-string trigger, then doing an auto-expand. You might be able to adapt it for your needs.

See Create Text Expansions Macro

If you have many (>> 100) aText snippets that are more complex than a simple text expansion, then you might want to consider a dedicated tool like Typinator.