Super simple Delete Text (Mac OS 10.14.2)

Hey everyone, new user to the platform after a colleague suggested I give it a go. Been having fun with the keystroke type macros but struggling with word based macros. I'm sure this will be a doddle for some of you.

I work as an assistant video editor and often we have to rename clips or just delete added characters the software adds automatically after doing a process.

My example is this:

In the software when creating a particular type of clip the software will rename the clip like this:

1-17-22-3b (this is the original)
1-17-22-3b.sub.01 (this is the newly created file within the software with new addition)

I would love a quick and simple macro that basically just delete the '.sub.01' addition.

I would need it to be applied within the software, i wont be able to do it through finder as this data isn't stored anywhere remotely simple to access. I have had a look in the forum but everyones queries tend to be far more complex.

Thanks so much for any help.

What software?

If you remove .sub.01, how do you handle if the filename already exists?

I'm using Avid Media Composer. And it allows duplicate file names.

can you share what you got so far?

The simplest macro would be one that does these three actions:

  • "Find image" action to detect "sub.01", click at the found image, and then do
  • "Type a keystroke" action: 6 backspaces
  • "Type a keystroke" action: Return/Enter