Superimpose 2 PNG Images onto a 3rd PNG Image

Is it possible to superimpose 2 PNG Images onto a PNG #3 Image using KM?

I am trying to produce a book cover (front/back and spine) using my PNG #3 template.

I have a frontcover PNG file and a backcover PNG file. I want to drop those images in place onto the PNG #3. Then save as another file (PDF).

I don't know if this helps but the way I'd go about it: I would create a 3rd and fourth front and back image that mirrors the first two images in every way, except size.

Preview - which I think, is free and comes with every Mac, allows you to take an image and resize it.

Then (for what it's worth) when I had the two smaller images, I'd place them side by side, take a screenshot and then, export as a pdf. The screenshots of screenshots might deprecrate the image, though. (My 2 cents worth)

Thanks for the idea. It’s true that I do need to keep maximum resolution in this process. I don’t think screenshots would keep the required resolution.

Its tricky. I'm not very good with images myself - but I've found, the "you get what you pay for" proverb often applies. Apps like Photoshop and Illustrator often do the trick, if you can afford them....

You can use the Read a File action to read images into Named Clipboards, and the Composite onto Image action to composite images onto other images, and then the Write to a File action to write them back to a new file.

The Clipboard & Composite actions mentioned seem to work but I've hit a roadblock.

  1. I am not sure how to scale my frontcover and backcover PNG images to the correct resolution to fit correctly onto the Layout-PNG#3. The image is coming from CANVA website. I can change the width and height pixels of the PNG in Mac Preview but the scale is not correct.

  2. I'd like to change the "pink" spine colour in my Layout-PNG#3 file to match the background blue-ish colour of the frontcover. Is there a way I can sample the color from my frontcover PNG file and then change the spine colour to that in KM automatically?