Support for Orion browser in "Front Browser" actions and variables

The new Orion browser is a native Mac app that uses Webkit. Does that make it possible for it to be added to the list of browsers that the "Front Browser" actions and variables can make use of? If so, is that something that might be implented?

Only, I think, if the authors of the browser have implemented an osascript interface – preferably emulating Safari’s.

If the Onion browser supports AppleScript control matching either Chrome or Safari, then it is easily done.

If the Onion browser supports AppleScript control with its own interface, then that will take some work.

If the Onion browser does not have AppleScript control, then it will be impossible.

I'm not sure if it's the information you're looking for, but an image of the Orion Suite in the Script Editor library is below. If that doesn't provide the needed information, could you suggest how I might investigate further? Thank you!

If that is all, then that is insufficient.

At the least it needs some way to run JavaScript via AppleScript.

I don't think it can but looks like it is planned: Allow JavaScript from Apple Events - Orion Public Issue Tracker


Orion Version 0.99.124-beta (WebKit 616.1.10) has just been released, and one of the improvements is the closing of issue #4361 Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. However, I find that Orion can now be asked for URL and site title using Applescript, with no need for Javascript. @peternlewis

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