Surely There's a Keyboard Shortcut to Rename an Action?!

Surely there's a keyboard shortcut to rename an action without having to right-click with the mouse each time...

Not built in, but it's easy to roll your own:

Rename Action.kmmacros (2.3 KB)


Surely one can use the search field in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu to discover there is a “Rename...” menu item in its Action menu...

Then one can notice that a keyboard shortcut can be readily created with Keyboard Maestro or with the macOS' system keyboard preferences.


Amazing! Thank you

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There are actually two Rename… commands in the KM menus: One for the macro, in the View menu, and the one for actions in the Action menu. If you're using the macOS Keyboard System Preferences panel to create a shortcut, you can do it, even though both menus have the same name—you can specify menus and menu items in the Menu Title field, like this:


No spaces, and then it just works. (May or may not be necessary in this case, because Actions in the View menu already has a shortcut. But I think macOS may override that one if you just say Rename… instead of Actions->Rename…