Swift Programming Training by Apple

###Learn how to use Swift to write apps: Apple makes Swift training free via iBooks

There has been some interest in Swift expressed by some members of this forum. If you are interested, this may be a good opportunity to get started at no cost.

DISCLAIMER: I have NOT reviewed nor taken this course, and so I do NOT have a specific recommendation for, or against, it.

From the above MacWorld article:

For students wanting to learn how to write apps, Apple has good news for them: On Wednesday, the company announced that it has released a new app development curriculum for people who want to learn how to write apps [using Swift]. And it’s free through the Apple iBooks Store.

According to Apple, the App Development with Swift training is designed as a year-long course. Anyone who participates will learn how to code using Swift and create apps.

Keyboard Maestro does provide a Execute_a_Swift_Script action (KM Wiki).

@DanThomas and others have show how to write automation scripts using Swift. See Topics tagged with “swift”

I am personally interested in Swift, but my plate is just too full right now to take on another major learning project.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and interest on this subject.

Good luck to all!

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