Switch Back & Forth Between 2 Macro Groups

Using 2 macro groups, both groups use same keyboard combos to trigger macros in respective group.

How do I set a trigger to switch between groups, i.e. activate/deactivate group. Not just for one action but until switch back.



Probably the easiest way to do it is to have a separate macro in each group, with the same trigger. Then the macro in Group A would disable Group A and enable Group B. The macro in Group B would do the opposite.

See the action "Activate Macro Group".

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So simple. Thank you!

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Glad to help! Go ahead and mark my post as the "solution". It makes it a little easier for us to know wat questions are still outstanding.

And by the way, I use this technique myself, and it works great.

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Are you talking about my Newbie Woodworker video? If so, how did you know that was me?

Easy - your profile KM profile.

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