Switch between menu items and do different things in case one exists and other doesn't

I have this macro I use in Safari:

search history.kmmacros (25.6 KB)

It works well. But I wish I could make a switch case there. If Show All History menu item exists, then activate it and do cmd + F search. If not, then do Hide History and don't do cmd + F search after.

Can I do this?

Unless I'm missing something it doesn't appear that Switch/Case has any way to determine a given menu item's state, so it looks like you'd need to rely on If Then Else instead:

search history.kmmacros (4.0 KB)
19 PM

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Thank you @gglick

Although strangely, my original macro works better than yours. The if cases break and do nothing sometimes.

Does it? That's strange; your original version is faster, but reliability-wise it appears to work fine me. The only issue I noticed was that sometimes the Find field wouldn't always be selected by the ⌘F action, and adding a Pause Until action seems to fix it as long as you're not rapidly flipping back and forth between the two views:search history.kmmacros (5.7 KB)
11 PM

I settled to use my original macro. I actually works without any defects. The if cases are indeed noticeably slow.

Luckily cmd + f nearly never triggers when going from history mode back to web page so it works.

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Hey Guys,

You can speed up testing for menu items greatly by specifying the complete path to the item.