Switch between two applications

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for some time. I’d like to be able to add or remove an application to/from a smaller list of applications for which a single shortcut allows switching.

Say I have Safari, Chrome, Mail, TextEdit, Activity Monitor all open. The normal switcher only allows switching between all of these apps.

I’d like to choose, say just Safari and Chrome so that the switcher will only ever switch between these two applications.

If at another time I need to use TextEdit and Activity Monitor in combination, I will add those to the list for switching.

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There is no way to use a Keyboard Maestro switcher to switch between just a small set of applications (probably there should be, but there isn’t).

There are a couple options you could do.

  • You could write a macro that switched immediately to the next in a list of applications.
  • You could create a set of macros, all with the same hot key trigger, that each launched a specific application. You could then disable/enable them as desired, and then Keyboard Maestro would display a conflict palette that let you select from any of them.