Sync Macro Groups without Sync File

Is this possible? Searched the forum and found a similar question but does not pertain to my use case.

I work for a tech company. iCloud files/documents is disabled (I'm told Apple does not allow sufficient granularity to allow exceptions so it's all or nothing) however Apple apps listed under "apps on this Mac using iCloud" like Contacts, Reminders, etc. are allowed. File sync apps between work and personal computers not allowed. If possible for Keyboard Maestro to use this function and appear on this list it would work. Likewise, if Keyboard Maestro could use the Dropbox API or similar (e.g Google Drive) this would work. I used to have an app on my work Mac that synchronized files by logging into the Dropbox API directly.

If none of above options are available nor can be addressed in a future feature enhancement, I'm stuck with manually initiated AirDrops.

Thanks in advance. Super cool software recommended on internal Slack chat with my peers. Lots of people chimed in that they were happily using KM. I'm a new and happy customer, too. I'd be happier if I can sync files. :wink:

What are your workmates doing to sync their files?

It is no different for them. AirDrop or SneakerNet.

In that case your IT dept should be able to setup a secure folder sharing for your local network, and allow all users who need to sync to the same KM macro set be able to do so.
KM does not care how the folder is shared/synced. All it does is update the sync file when changes are make, OR, update the master macro set when the sync file changes.

So a simple shared folder on your company's LAN should work.

Keep in mind that each user needs to have an individual license for KM. If your company needs a lot of licenses, they can contact @peternlewis for enterprise licensing.

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